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Cooking School Blues: The Worst Thing Regarding Being A Chef


I love watching television cooking shows. The restaurant equipment food they make looks delicious and seems easy to make. I try the recipes at home and it doesn't work out quite as good. My food tastes good. It doesn't quite look as good and takes a lot longer to make. There are many reasons for this.

We ate at hotel restaurants. We ate at the finest restaurants. We ate at Chinese families' homes. We ate in villages that are over 1500 years old. We ate at cooking school, not the least of which was the Peking Duck that we learned to prepare. Did you know that it takes 2 days to prepare the duck? A good cook will slice 108 times for one duck with 14 kinds of slice ways, which is like making carving an art form.

At such events you may also get to meet some of the leading individuals in the scene and learnt a thing or two from them. You will be surprised by how willing some of these chefs are to give you a pointer or two.

The travel, culinary school experience is just what you need to learn how others prepare menus. Because you can visit local restaurants and see how they plan their menus, you will have an idea what other chefs do and how they make each food to compliment the other. Culinary travels are just another way to live the culture and learn what food the French enjoy. There are three rules of cooking French cuisine. The menu, ingredients and the preparations are all necessary to know to become a French chef. The menu is the first place to start when planning a French meal.

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The salaries of chefs and cooks vary greatly according to the region and type of establishment. Wages are usually the highest in elegant restaurants and hotels, in major metropolitan areas, where many chefs are employed to head the food production of each type of cuisine. chef training professionals who decide to work outside of big cities could earn between $8-$14 an hour. On the other hand, a line cook in San Francisco can earn $10 to $22 per hour. A chef in a fine dining restaurant or hotel can earn in excess of $100,000 per year.

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It is important that you choose the best culinary school where you will earn your degree because it is the first big step to achieving your dream of becoming the next big chef.

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