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National Geographic Shows Baltimore As 'heroin Capital Of America' - Baltimoresun.com

The hour is filled with unnamed men in masks sitting behind bags full of dope and tables filled with guns, pills and money saying things like, "Life is definitely cheap in Baltimore ... somebody kill you for free." One such person identified as an "enforcer" talks about how much he enjoys hurting and killing people -- and how little he fears the police. There is no way for a reviewer to know how authentic these people are or aren't since they are only identified by first names and the jobs they perform in the drug trade, for example, "Wiley, crew boss." We are asked to trust the producers that the people depicted as members of the drug world really are what they present themselves to be. And if they are, then I would have liked to see a fuller discussion of the ethics of protecting the identities of criminals in such stories. But the report does include fully identified members of the Drug Enforcement Administration who are working in Baltimore and members of the Harford County Sheriff's Department who are tracking "commuter dealers" who buy drugs in Baltimore and sell them in the county. The DEA agents are the ones who take the filmmakers with them on drug buys and busts at Lexington Market. As the cameras follow a 29-year-old woman identified only as "Lamb" driving down Pennsylvania Avenue toward Lexington Market, the narrator says: "Pennsylvania Avenue and Lexington Market stand at the heart of Baltimore's illegal drug trade." Later, the narrator says, "Lexington Market is one of the longest running food markets in the world. But these days, the area has gained a reputation for drugs." As I watched National Geographic's depiction of Baltimore, I was reminded of the documentary the Al Jazeera English channel did in 2012 for its "Fault Lines" series titled "Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City" with Sebastian Walker reporting . I liked the Al Jazeera report a lot, but wondered in my review if out-of-town documentary filmmakers - often working out of Washington bureaus - come to Baltimore looking for the powerful images and compelling characters they saw in "The Wire" and seek to reproduce them through their photography and reporting.

Jenn's Review Blog: TeleBrands As Seen on TV Review and Giveaway

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Each of the companys products is designed to save consumers time and money by providing affordable, convenient solutions to everyday challenges. We received 3 great new toy products from TeleBrands at no cost in exchange for our honest opinions. Our Reviews Teddy Tank- This is a very cute and unique toy! The teddy part of it is soft to the touch and very well made. There is no shedding or hair falling out of it. The tank part is great also and holds just about anything a kid can imagine. It can be used as a fish tank, to hold action figures, cars, money, or just about anything else. My son has decided its a great gun and Boogie Wipe holder for the time being. He has this sitting on his bed and shows everyone who comes over his cool Lion. He wants to eventually do the fish tank with it, but for now he's too busy finding small toys that fit in it.

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